Eufora formulations harness the power of more than 100 unique plant and flower extracts, essential oils, vitamins and natural aromas.  Add a dash of innovative technology, and Eufora elevates botanical science above the crowd… delivering red carpet ready product performance that rocks your style while still granting good global karma.

Eufora Sustainability

As keepers of the planet for generations, Eufora is dedicated to embracing sustainable practices in every phrase of our business. We take a proactive approach to minimising the environmental impact that our daily activities have on our world, and we believe in creating integral products that respect the environment and the people who use them.

Today, all Eufora products continue to meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilising nearly 75 different natural plant extracts and essential oils in production, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable.

Eufora never uses mineral oil, petroleum or artificially created colourants. Our fragrances are complex and naturally derived. In addition, all of our raw materials are evaluated on three key impact factors:

Ecologically Correct Harvesting

The environment where the raw material originates is respected and safely maintained. Harvesting is done in a responsible manner, and the natural environment is not depleted or destroyed.

Socially Fair Practices

Practices must deliver positive benefit to the communities that grow, produce and live in the area from which materials are harvested.

Economically Fair Trade

Processes must align in value with the cost to ensure fair demand for materials.


Curly hair is unique, complex and comes with its own set of challenges. Each individual fibre has its own twists and turns, making it harder for natural oils to distribute evenly and keep hair moisturised, and contributing to the appearance of frizzy dull and unruly locks.

Curl’n science delivers thermal protection and anti-oxidant benefits allowing Curl’n products to work WITH curl pattern instead of against it. Increased miniaturisation, curl retention and frizz control benefits provide instant definition, manageability and improved elasticity for all types of curl, texture and wave.


Frizz fighting is a daily battle for many of us. While things such as damage, humidity and moisture loss can all contribute to frizz, the underlying cause is the same- a raised cuticle payer that makes hair appear dull and dry. Abuse from chemicals and aggressive styling tools, can make the hair prone to breakage leaving it even harder to control.

Smooth’n wages war on on frizz and dehydration. Enriched with amino acids, vitamins, unique natural oils and extracts Smooth’n products leave hair velvety smooth, silky and shiny.

With continuous use of the complete Smooth’n regimen, frizz free results last longer and styling becomes smoother and easier over time.


All hair types need a little TLC and nourish delivers the tender loving care needed for hair to look and feel it’s best.

Specifically formulated to restore moisture to thirsty hair, a proprietary blend of proteins, vitamins, natural oils and extracts work in concert to nourish, rejuvenate and protect even the most parched hair. A daily dose of Nourish will defend again dryness and restore vibrancy to dehydrated hair.


Improved volume straits with the right cleansing and conditioning regimen. Eufora essential nutrients get right to the root of the problem, Delivering performance specific ingredients to provide lift at the scalp, restore body and add fullness without creating dryness or weight.

Eufora volume formulas are fortified with keratin amino acids that actually increase the diameter of hair divers up to 65% providing a noticeable increase in volume. This unique protein blend is perfectly balanced with botanical extracts designed to create fuller hair with body, softness and incredible shine.


Some causes of hair loss are easily recognisable- abusive styling practices or over exposure to chemical services. Poor scalp health an follicle clogging due to ingredients like petrolatum like petrolatum can also play a role.

The award-winning Eufora thickening collection delivers the latest in scalp and hair science. Breakthrough technology creates the optimum scalp environment for healthy hair growth, and improves the strength and electricity of hair that is prone to breakage.

The Eufora ProAmino Cell Complex combines our ProAmino Peptide Complex with aloe plant cell technology to create the fusion of Botanical and Clinical sciences that expertly addresses the challenges of thinning hair.

  • Promotes oxygen delivery to scalp to reduce follicle asphyxia
  • Works to stimulate the hair follicle and scalp
  • Calms irritations, soothes dryness and itchiness
  • Contains plant extracts known for antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevent follicle atrophy and help anchor the hair bulb to scalp.


Today’s tools and techniques make it easier than ever to achieve the hair styles of your dreams! But, the beauty treatments can compromise the health of your hair over time, and when chemical services often meet environmental stresses l, such as UV exposure, your hair suffers, often feeling robbed of shine and vitality.

Keep hair hazards at bay with Beautifying Elixirs, a powerful regimen of scientifically proven hair perfecting products designed to transform damaged, brittle frizzy, lifeless hair.


To alleviate symptoms of stress and sensitivity, Eufora has taken a cue from the healing benefits found in nature. Aloetherapy has at it foundation the best beauty secret nature had to offer in Aloe stem cells, derived from certified organic aloe.

Aloe contains Polysaccharides, that work to stimulate skin repair and growth. Glycoproteins act as pain reliever and reduce inflammation. When incorporated with our Aloe step cell technology, the molecular potency of aloe is increased by more than 1000x, increasing the soothing and calming benefits exponentially.


Sheathed avant-garde, architectural shapes or classic comfortable silhouettes speak to your style sensibilities, EuforaStyle lets you celebrate the beauty of individuality.

  • No stereotypes
  • No rules
  • No boundaries

Eufora is more than just a collection of styling products. It’s about an attitude, a state of mind that gives you the confidence to present your unique personal style to the world.


A SYNERGY OF PLANT AND SKIN CARE SCIENCE Eufora HERO for men CLEANSE & TREAT and STYLE products are developed with the ProAmino Peptide Complex, a proprietary blend of botanicals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. This advanced technology is specifically formulated to create an optimum scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

pH BALANCED PRODUCTS ENHANCE RESULTS A pH balance that matches our skin is key to protecting our natural acid mantle, improving our skins defence against irritation, aggravation and rough dryness. Eufora HERO for men CLEANSE & TREAT and SHAVE & SMOOTH products are pH balanced.

Eufora HERO FOR MEN products are petrolatum and mineral oil FREE, providing the ideal environment for hair retention and growth.


SENSUS are passionate about their products. They are made in the beautiful Tiber valley in Tuscany, Italy, an environment of beauty and balance, which is reflected in the way they make SENSUS products. The filtered water they use is recycled and is put back in the Tiber River even cleaner than when originally taken. Once made their products are then stored and surrounded by the sweet sounds and harmony of classical music.

SENSUS products are the result of their commitment to an innovative philosophy towards work and services, for a clientele who appreciate health and beauty, wellbeing, love of oneself and the respect of all ones’ surroundings, especially the environment. They are the result of combining a commercial philosophy, where honesty and integrity reign supreme and a research and development team who are committed to always looking to be one step ahead of new trends and standards.

Their passionate team are consistently developing and improving products by sourcing only the very best ingredients. So It’s no surprise that their award winning products are held in such high esteem.


MC2 Hair Color is the new professional permanent oxidative colour without ammonia, PPD, parabens, silicones and added resorcinol. It restores the hair ensuring maximum coverage, shine, softness, and colour durability.

Enriched with Ecocert approved Quinoa and Acai Berries associated with the innovative Active Revitalising Complex ARC.


Nectar Recovery is a restorative cream enriched with the precious system of active ingredients concentrated in the exclusive biomimetic ARC (Active Revitalizing Complex) formula, which delivers outstanding cosmetic results and an exceptional restorative action in the sensitized and damaged areas of the hair.


Gradual, balanced toning. Neutralizes unwanted warm tones / produces fantasy highlights. Ultra- gentle formula enriched with pearl extract. Ammonia-free so is gentle on the scalp and hair structure. Gives longer-lasting sublime shine.
Wide range of shades for endless creativity. Formulated to add highlights to pre-lightened or naturally blond hair. Clear Toner, cream toner with no pigment that can be mixed with other shades to modulate its intensity.


Direct Bang is a direct coloring cream treatment for hair. The exclusive formula, enriched with ARC (Active Revitalizing Complex), delivers vibrant long-lasting shades with no undesired tones. Availables in 11 nuances: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow.


A refreshing new line with sweet and fruity fragrances and a sophisticated, elegant image. T@b>ù is the perfect product to create a unique style.


Defines the consistency, texture and look you want to give your hair, creating the base before drying.


Give shape, structure and definition to hair to create your perfect look as you are having fun!


The finishing touches to hold your style in place and create a perfect, long-lasting look!


Five unique multipurpose products made with advanced clean ingredients, including a plant-based silicone alternative, oils from around the world, and a calming fragrance of bergamot, vetiver, and sweet florals.

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