Creative Director & Salon Owner
``At a very young age I developed a very quick interest for hair. I remember sitting on my sister's bed watching her doing her hair ready for a night out with her friends, quickly I decided Hairdressing was career I could see myself doing. With that in mind and my GCSE year beginning, I took the decision to start my NVQ level 1 in Hairdressing. This allowed me to do placement in a salon one day a week and eventually go on to working a Saturday as well. After finishing school I decided to continue with my Hairdressing career and gained my NVQ levels 2 & 3 in Hairdressing. working in a local salon for a few years gaining experience as a senior stylist and building my clientele. After three years I knew my dreams were achievable with lots of hard work and determination... so I did it, I decided to take the step on my own! April 2019 I opened my very own salon. Since then I have completed many courses to make sure my skills are up to date and on trend i will continue to do so throughout my career``
Creative Designer
``Ever since I was very young I wanted to be a hairdresser. My auntie is a hairdresser and she had a big influence on my career choice, during the school holidays and weekends I used to help out as often as I could. When I left school I know hairdressing was a qualification I wanted to gain, from here I went to Hereford college part time and worked hands on in a salon to gain as much experience as possible. Whilst doing this for a few years I was able to gain my NVQ Level 1,2 &3 in hairdressing. as an extra training qualification I decided to do mens barbering. I love the keep up to date on the latest fashion and trends. I believe I am a friendly person with excellent customer service skills which allows my clientele to be very diverse. I love the felling of styling someones hair and they love it, there's no better feeling than making someone feel about themselves.``
Graduate Designer
``From a young age I’ve loved hairdressing. I always watched my mum hair-dress and she inspired me to go down this path. At school I did my NVQ level 1 and had a placement one day a week in a local salon. I then decided to start as a Saturday girl, from there on I knew this career was for me. I love looking at the newest trends and learning about the science behind hair colour. I recently graduated my NVQ qualification, I'm looking forward to building my clientele and starting my career.``
Junior Designer
``Through my school years, I realised I had an interest in the hairdressing industry. I went to a local college for a few weeks and quickly decided I wanted something more hands on. I noticed the Tommy Brooks Hairdressing team was on courses frequently and up to date with training and education. I wanted to be part of the team so I applied. I love meeting new people and the busy atmosphere in the salon. I am looking forward to starting my training and my journey. ``
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